Best Craft Beer Bars in Bergen County
Best Craft Beer Bars in Bergen County

While craft beer makes up only 10% of the nation's total beer sales, more and more beer connoisseurs are looking for new and unique options. There's an increasing number of craft beers to choose from and the country's 2,300-plus craft breweries are certainly making an impact on the industry.

What is Craft Beer? 

According to the Brewers Association, the trade industry group for craft beer, craft breweries are "small, independent and traditional". Craft brewers annually produce less than 6 million barrels, don't have a large financial investments from non-craft brewers, and brew beers using traditional ingredients like malt barley.

Finding the Best Craft Beer Selection in Bergen County 

Where can you find a great selection of craft beers in Bergen County? recently completed an exhaustive statewide search for New Jersey's best bars and Andy's Corner Bar in Bogota made the Best of the Rest list for Best Craft Beers in the state.

Andy’s Corner Bar

Located at 256 Queen Anne Road in Bogota, Andy's is a local institution that offers all styles of craft and other beers including brown ales, pale ales, IPAs, weiss beers, stouts, and seasonal beers like dopplebocks, Oktoberfests, winter ales, porters. Andy's also sports over 100 bottles of craft-brewed and imported beer. You can window shop like a kid in a candy store, peruse each colorful label, marvel at the unique shapes of the bottles, as well as chuckle at the creative names of some of these beers (like Boulder Hazed & Infused Ale).

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