Paramus Business Offers Alternative to Replacing, Restoring and Resurfacing Hardwood Floors: Sponsored Content

Wood floors are perpetually fashionable and transcend most home design trends. They have been in use for ages and still remain the floor of choice for many homeowners.

Homeowners are often unsure what to do to rejuvenate their hardwood floors. Restoring or resurfacing a dull, scratched or discolored wood floor is one of the best room enhancement decisions a homeowner can make. Hardwood deep cleaning and re-coating may be the answer if there are no deep scratches into the stain coat. This is a low cost method to bring back the luster to your floors. More significant marks and blemishes will require a full sanding and refinishing process. Either approach is a highly recommended investment if you are planning to sell your home. Hardwood floors are a desirable feature on realtor listing sheets and can raise the value of a home considerably.

There is an excellent option for enhancing the look of your hardwood floors that you should know about. When a floor needs a resurfacing, dustless sanding is a miraculous solution to most concerns associated with refinishing hardwood floors. A dustless sanding system allows homeowners to safely refinish their floors while capturing and containing the majority of dust associated with hardwood sanding. Other times floors are too old and damaged to repair and refinish them in a cost effective manner. In these instances, instead of removing the existing floor, homeowners can install a locking hardwood floor over the existing floor, however, it is best to consult a hardwood flooring dealer that understands the pros and cons of each approach. Also make sure that the person you are hiring has the expertise and a history of delivering quality service. The better flooring experts will strictly adhere to the quality standards of the National Wood Flooring Association and the top hard wood manufacturers. All of these services are offered by Floor Town in Paramus, New Jersey.

The team at Floor Town is trained to replace, repair and refinish hardwood floors in a fast, clean manner using the latest dustless sanding innovations. Their dustless process allows for a painless transformation. Refurbishing hardwood is no longer a messy ordeal. The vacuum system included in Floor Town's dustless sanding process removes up to 90 more dust than traditional floor refinishing methods. Dustless sanding and refinishing is a fast, clean service that provides multiple benefits:

Eco friendly

Low odor products

Custom stain blending service

Up to 90% less air born dust than traditional floor refinishing methods

Reduces sanding related dust allergies

Oil or water based finishes captures the majority of sanding dust in a self-contained unit

If you've lived in the Bergen County area for any length of time then you're probably familiar with Floor Town. This Paramus-based business is a local home improvement landmark that has serviced generations of North Jersey homeowners. Floor Town sells carpets, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl and more.

In addition to carrying more than a thousand products, Floor Town provides a range of professional services including design and color consultation, sales and expert installation services, project management, sub-floor repair and replacement, staining and painting of door casings and base moldings, just to name a few. Floor Town makes area rugs and runners to match your new carpeting. They also provide tips on how to best care for and maintain your new flooring.

To learn more about dustless sanding, watch this Floor Town video.

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To learn more about Floor Town, visit their website, call 201-261-8848 or visit their showroom located at 438 Route 17 South in Paramus, New Jersey.