Jersey Girls: The Fierce and the Fabulous: Affiliate Partner Advertisement

Are you a Jersey Girl? If so, you're in good company.

Celebrating New Jersey Girls

Dorothy Parker, Bebe Neuwirth, Sandra Dee, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep--there are endless examples of Jersey Girls who prove they are a breed of broad worth celebrating.

New Jersey is in the media everywhere these days, with no fewer than seven major television shows focusing on Jersey culture. Cool, confident Jersey Girls have inspired far beyond the boundaries of Bayonne, and now their moxy and mighty hair have propelled them to star status.

A Tribute to Jersey Girls

Jersey Girls is an edgy, hip, and loving homage that profiles the likes of Hollywood's A-list in exclusive interviews as well as the famous-in-their-own-right "down-the-shore" girls. All the hot topics are covered, from style at the shoreline to Jersey Girl "Tawk." Illustrated with a brashy mix of vintage and modern photography, the book takes us from Atlantic City to the George Washington Bridge to capture the spirit of the true Jersey Girl.

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