Pothole Season is Here! Sponsored Content
Pothole Season is Here

Northern New Jersey drivers will soon be looking at the winter of 2016-2017 from their rearview mirror. Of course, spring is the season to carefully navigate potholes and road damage left in the winter's wake. Many area drivers have already experienced that sickening feeling when you drive into one of these hideous craters and the season is just beginning.

Potholes can cause major vehicle damage. Sometimes pothole damage is immediate and obvious, while often times, it might appear as if you've avoided damaging you car. Common vehicle damage caused by potholes includes punctured tires, damaged rims and suspension damage. Many vehicles also experience steering misalignment, shocks and struts wear, exhaust system damage and even engine damage.

If your vehicle has recently joined the ranks of North Jersey pothole casualties, you may want to have it looked at by a qualified professional soon. By quickly investigating whether or not your vehicle has sustained pothole damage, you're likely to avoid additional expense and repairs later. At the very minimum, consider having a professional alignment check if you've experienced a sudden pothole jolt.

ETD Discount Tire Centers, with locations in Englewood, Hillsdale, Lyndurst, Wayne, Clifton and Butler, offers professional alignment checks, in addition to a variety of automotive services at affordable prices. To contact ETD Discount Tire to schedule an appointment, call 973-694-4897, or visit www.etddiscounttire.com.

Drive safely and avoid those potholes!

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