Algae, Moss & Fungi Can Ruin Your Roof: How to Avoid Expensive Roof Damage

Did you know that black algae stains, moss, mildew, fungus and other things that grow on your roof can eat your shingles reducing their life by up to 50% leading to serious roof damage and expense? These various growths feed on dirt that falls from the atmosphere, dead algae and even the limestone used in the manufacture of shingles.

Historically, a minimal amount of roof cleaning has been needed due to moss and fungus growth caused by overhanging branches. But today we are faced with an epidemic of roof growths. Our upper atmosphere is warmer, our North Jersey summers more humid, and there is simply more debris in the air. Apparently all of these factors contribute to the far greater concentrations of algae, moss and lichens attacking our roofs. If attack sounds like too strong a word, consider that lichen will begin eating into shingles within two years of attachment. Moss will also damage shingle roofs and should be cleaned within five years of attachment. Algae, while extremely unattractive, is the least damaging, but it creates a base upon which the other growths feed. It should be removed within four years of notice to prevent more damaging growths.

There is a Bergen County company that's been cleaning roofs for more than 20 years and has the experience and professionalism needed to successfully clean your roof without damage or environmental concerns about harsh chemicals. Roof Magic, based in Hackensack, has helped countless northern NJ area homeowners to fully enjoy the beauty of their homes without having to look at black streaks, moss or lichen. The Roof Magic process features a proprietary cleaner to loosen growths and uses a high volume, low pressure cleaning system to remove debris. Once the roof has been cleaned, a Roof Magic Clear Sealer is applied to extend the service life of the roof and ensure that there will be no new growth for the life of the coating.

This Roof Magic roof cleaning process can help you to avoid more expensive repair work. Home inspectors typically recommend an expensive re-roofing if a roof is badly stained. Insurance companies often refuse to write a policy unless a roof is either cleaned or replaced. Virtually any roof less than 20 years old, with fairly recent algae, moss, or fungi, can be cleaned with little damage from the growths. The longer these growths remain, however, the greater the chance there will be some evident damage. The cost of a Roof Magic treatment is a typically a small fraction of the cost of replacing the roof.

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