The Mahwah Museum is currently featuring two new exhibits, Mahwah’s Herstory and Medicine in Mahwah.

Mahwah's Herstory

The first new exhibit, Mahwah’s Herstory: The Changing Roles of Women in Mahwah’s History, examines the roles of women in Mahwah’s history, starting with its first settler, Blandina Bayard, and continuing through to 1960. It highlights women’s activities, including pioneering and farming, changing roles in the workforce, and women’s accomplishments in the arts in charitable organizations and in social reforms.

Medicine in Mahwah

The second new exhibit, Medicine in Mahwah examines the growth and development of the medical field with highlights on Mahwah’s practitioners, their methods and instruments throughout various periods.

The Mahwah Museum is located at 201 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah, New Jersey. Admission to the museum is $5 and free for museum members. The museum is open weekends and Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 pm.

For more information, visit or call 201-512-0099.