Wostbrock Home in Ridgewood Offers Smart Home Technology
Northern, New Jersey, home design, smart home technology

Known for their distinguished interiors and excellent client relationships, Wostbrock Home in Ridgewood has partnered with One Sound Choice to help homeowners make their homes safer, more efficient and fun by offering smart home technology.

Take Control of your Home

Imagine a convenient home setup where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled by a touch screen in your home or remotely from a smart phone or tablet. A smart home has its devices interconnected through the Internet, which control functions such as security access to the home, temperature, lighting, entertainment and more. The possibilities are endless!

For more information on making your home a "smart home", contact Wostbrock at 201-445-0807 or visit wostbrockhome.com.

Wostbrock Home is located at 225 Goffle Road in Ridgwood, New Jersey.