Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey: Ironman for a Day Program
Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey: Ironman for a Day Program

Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, New Jersey invites every 8th grade boy considering Don Bosco Prep to spend a day on campus and experience life as an Ironman. With the Ironman for a Day program, prospective Don Bosco students are given the opportunity to shadow a current student throughout the course of a typical day; this includes going to classes, interacting with students and teachers, and having lunch.

All interested prospective students should contact the Office of Admissions to schedule a date for their visit. Be advised that the Ironman for a Day program will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every week during the academic year. Space is limited and as such some days may no longer be available.

Experience Don Bosco Prep

The prospective student will be dropped off at 8:00 am by a parent in front of DeSales Hall and will proceed inside to the Main Office. There, the student will be greeted by the Director of Admissions, who will give the student a brief overview of Don Bosco Prep and introduce him to his student ambassador. Beginning with 3rd period, the prospective student will shadow his student ambassador following a set schedule. This schedule will include 4 class periods and lunch, which will be provided to the prospective student at no charge. Following lunch, the prospective student will be escorted to the administrative office and have an opportunity to speak with the Director of Admissions, as well as other administrators, who will answer any questions the student may have. Parents are invited to ask questions during this time as well. Parents may pick up their son(s) at 1:00 pm in the Main Office located in DeSales Hall.

Prospective students are expected to be appropriately dressed when they come to visit Don Bosco Prep. Dress pants or non-cargo khakis are acceptable attire along with a solid-colored polo shirt or collared dress shirt. Depending on the weather, a jacket or sweater may also be worn. Prospective students who attend Catholic middle schools may wear their uniform on the day of their visit.

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