New Jersey Drivers Must Watch for Wildlife
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When it comes to considering one's New Jersey auto insurance needs, even the safest and most cautious drivers should consider the financial losses that a sudden collision with a wild animal can bring about.

For example, an Associated Press report featured an accident in Fredon, New Jersey where a motorcyclist collided with a black bear on Route 94 in the northwestern part of the state. The wire service noted that the driver suffered only minor injuries and the bear was thought to have survived as well.

While it may be uncommon for New Jersey drivers to come across bears out on the highway, this incident does illustrate the fact that some parts of the state do indeed have higher concentrations of wildlife. Drivers in New Jersey especially need to be on the lookout for deer, especially when driving at night. Although they are not as large as some wild animals, a collision with a deer can still result in thousands of dollars of damage to one's automobile.