New Jersey Young Drivers: Driving Tips, Car Insurance and More
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Most young drivers in New Jersey have not had the opportunity to get a lot of experience behind the wheel. As a result, young drivers might be more likely to have accidents than older, more experienced drivers.

Young drivers simply have not yet learned what to do -- and what not to do -- in certain situations on the road. Some driving tips for young drivers to keep in mind:

No Cell Phones! When you’re a young driver, there’s an even greater need to concentrate while driving. New Jersey is one of four states to mandate the use of a hands-free device for cell phones. Even with this added security, driving while on the phone is a distraction -- using your cell phone while driving will make you more likely to be in an accident.

Practice, Practice, Practice. The more practice that New Jersey young drivers get driving, the more comfortable they’ll feel behind the wheel. Try to practice on a consistent basis by setting up a regular schedule with a parent.

Two-Second Rule. It’s easy to use the two-second rule when figuring out how far back you should keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you. (Usually you keep one car length back, about 20 feet, for each 10 miles per hour of speed, but this increases in bad weather.) For the two-second rule, simply pick a stationary object ahead of you, like a sign, tree or pole. After the vehicle ahead of you passes the object, count how long it takes for you to pass the same spot. Two seconds is a safe minimum -- increase your distance to three or four seconds with bad weather or roads.

Be Courteous. New Jersey roads are no joke and by being a courteous driver, you’re helping them stay safer. Do not tailgate. Make sure you use turn signals to indicate your actions to other drivers and do so in advance, giving plenty of warning. After passing, return to the right lane when the vehicle you passed is visible in the rearview mirror.

Don’t Drink & Drive. Not only are you responsible for yourself and your passengers while driving, but you have a responsibility to others on the road. Underage DUI in New Jersey is a serious matter, which carries license suspension, fines and penalties, mandatory community service and educational programs.

Remember to drive safe and smart!

As young drivers get older and gain more experience, it is likely that their driving skills will improve. However, until this happens, young drivers are considered high risk candidates by New Jersey car insurance companies. As a result, their car insurance premiums are higher than average. However, find out how inexpensive it might be -- call High Point Auto Insurance and ask for a free quote on New Jersey car insurance. New Jersey car insurance from High Point Auto Insurance also comes with superior customer service and a wide range of car insurance coverage options. Call 1-800-516-9242 today for a free quote on New Jersey car insurance. Don't delay in getting the car insurance coverage you need.