Plymouth Rock Assurance Helping NJ Drivers Get Home Safe
Plymouth Rock Assurance Helping NJ Drivers Get Home Safe

In 2009, Plymouth Rock unveiled a unique program with an innovative safety benefit for customers called Get Home Safe. The benefit reimburses New Jersey auto insurance customers up to $50 in cab fare once per year per policy if they call for a safe ride home rather than risk driving home under unsafe circumstances. Two years after the Get Home Safe program has launched, Plymouth Rock has enabled over 200 NJ residents to arrive safely at their destination. This includes Teachers’ Insurance Plan of NJ customers and has recently been extended to customers written through independent agents, allowing more NJ customers a smart safety option to take advantage of.

According to the New Jersey Division of Highway and Traffic Safety, motor vehicle crashes claim the lives of more than 700 NJ residents each year. “The intention of Get Home Safe is that we want our customers to know that we have their best interests at heart which includes service and most importantly, safety,” said Gerry Wilson, President and CEO of Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey. Typically, insurance companies will aid customers after an accident, but by offering this type of program it can prevent an accident before it occurs. “If we have helped 200 people stay off the road because of this program, it is well worth it,” said Wilson.

Get Home Safe can be utilized by any Plymouth Rock customer if that person is too tired to drive, had an extra glass of wine at dinner, or just doesn’t feel comfortable operating their vehicle for any reason. Plymouth Rock is the only insurance company in NJ that provides a safety benefit like Get Home Safe. Customers who have utilized the program find it to be an asset and excellent benefit. Plymouth Rock customer Joseph R. said, “I found myself at a party in the city on New Years Eve and rather than choose to get behind the wheel I took a cab home that morning. It was nice to know that my insurance company offered this benefit to get me home safe and sound.”

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