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If you live in the Bergen County, New Jersey area and you own a car, then chances are you're familiar with the challenges of winter driving...chances are you're familiar with ETD Discount Tire too.

When it comes to tires and auto maintenance, ETD is well known throughout the region for reliability, convenience and value. But did you know that this North-Jersey based company has a history of serving the automotive needs of NJ drivers that stretches back for more than 50 years?

In 1946, when after four years flying for the U.S. Air Force, Jerry Boyle, then 24 years old, opened a run-down corner gas station in Englewood, New Jersey. "Captain" Jerry Boyle, quickly realized that "one of the most important reasons for dealing both wholesale and retail is that the customer benefits from a vast variety of inventory at the lowest prices." Word spread quickly, and by 1958 Englewood Tire Distributors (ETD) was one of the top volume wholesale/retailers in the Northeast.

The tradition of offering the real value on quality tires continues today with locations in Englewood, Hillsdale, Butler, Denville, Lyndhurst, Clifton, and now in Wayne, New Jersey. Never forgetting their beginnings as a neighborhood tire center, ETD's clean, new facilities are designed and constructed to enhance the community's image. Recognizing that price alone does not ensure value, ETD Discount Tire Centers use state-of-the-art equipment for mounting, balancing, and wheel alignment service. All store personnel are certified tire specialists, and will advise you on the best tire for your driving needs, while offering professional maintenance advice for your new tires.

The ETD Discount Tire Center warehouse and corporate office, located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, provides express delivery to the company's Discount Tire Centers for just about any tire that you need. The warehouse and retail outlet centers have a combined inventory of over 100,000 tires in every major brand. Just about any tires a customer needs can be delivered to one of their retail stores within hours.

Whether you need an oil change, wheel alignment, or other common vehicle maintenance, the ETD ASE certified technicians will do the job right the first time. Convenient appointments are available.

Think about the last time that you purchased new tires. Did they ask you for the size of your tires, and then seem annoyed or pompous when they had to look up the size for you? Did they carry on about speed ratings, load ratings, and blah, blah, blah until you wanted to scream? The ETD philosophy is simple: it's their job to know what fits your vehicle and your driving needs. ETD tire specialists are friendly, helpful, and professional. If you really want to know just how much they know about tires, ask. If not, they'll just keep it simple, easy, and quick.

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