Winter Travel and Automotive Safety Tips from ETD Discount Tire Centers: Sponsored Content Feature

As we motor through the winter of 2015, wondering when the next wintry mix or outright blizzard might hit, don’t lose sight of the importance of having your car is ready to face the challenges of ice, snow or slush on the roads.

The first thing we should consider is tires. Do we have the right tires or tires with enough remaining tread to get us down the road safely?

If you must travel in snow, winter tires are the best bet to ensure safe handling and predictable performance on most cars, SUVS, cross over vehicles, light trucks and mini vans. Winter tires are suggested for all four wheel positions to guarantee that your car will have the traction you need and the balanced handling and stopping that you’ll expect in winter driving conditions.

Winter tires should only be used in the cold weather months; the general rule is to fit winter tires once the ambient temperature is below 45 degrees.

Winter tires are also designed to give you better handling and performance even when there is no snow or ice on the road, as they remain more compliant in colder temperatures.

Have your car’s fluids, wiper blades and all lights (including signal and brake lights) checked now, as more of your driving will be in the dark.

Become familiar with how your car handles and drives in the snow before you set out on any trips. Know your limitations and understand that many other drivers will be counting on your good sense and preparation as well. Sometimes just allowing more time or leaving a little later after the snow plows have cleared the roads is the best plan.

Clear all snow and ice off of ALL of your vehicle before setting out on the’s the law!

Good luck and safe travels.

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