Carlstadt Chef Introduces Healthier Barbeque Sauces
Carlstadt Chef Introduces Healthier Barbeque Sauces

First to Carry American Diabetes Association Mark

After years of developing and testing, the all new Chef Hymie Grande’ Barbecue Glaze has been bottled.

Jamie Faitelson of Carlstadt, a.k.a. Chef Hymie Grande’, has created a trio of barbecue sauces with no high fructose corn syrup or processed sugars, as well as being vegan friendly and all natural. It is also the first BBQ sauce to carry the American Diabetes Association mark on the bottle’s label, as it meets the ADA specifications.

“Chef Hymie Grande sauces are a unique blend of everything you would want in a barbeque sauce or rub. They taste great, but don’t have all the processed sugar or high fructose corn syrup that nutritionists everywhere are in agreement is so bad for you, says Faitelson.  He adds, “We use agave syrup as a natural sweetener, although it is much more expensive, but isn’t a healthier sauce with great taste worth it?”

Chef Hymie Grande’ is produced at the Rutgers University Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton, NJ and it is the first hot-filled product that has ever been processed and bottled at the facility.

Failelson adds, “These are the first of several new healthier, but great tasting products that will be introduced to the consumer under the Chef Hymie Grande’ label and we want shoppers to recognize our products from the first holographic label on the market shelf.”

Chef Hymie Grande’ is a line of artisanal barbecue sauces, cooked in small batches, to preserve the integrity of the taste and quality.  They contain natural ingredients and no processed sugars or high fructose corn syrup.  All of Chef Hymie Grande’s recipes were created by Jamie Faitelson, a.k.a. Chef Hymie Grande.  The BBQ sauces are all cooked and bottled in New Jersey.

Since 2003, Chef Hymie Grande’ has offered its customers quality BBQ sauce made in small batches and has been sold both locally and via the Internet.  Chef Hymie Grande’ Barbecue Sauces: come in three versions:

New Mexico: The mild New Mexico Sweet Basting Sauce: This unique sauce is mildly spiced with the subtle flavor of New Mexico & Ancho Chiles to create a perfect harmony of earth tones & sweetness that brings Chef Hymie’s unique taste to all of your food. New Mexico Sweet is the perfect sauce to baste on your favorite meats, poultry or fish…Try it as a marinade!

Polapote: The medium Polapote’ Barbecue Glaze: Entice all of your senses with warm earthy flavors of Ancho Chile and smoky boldness of Chipotle Chiles….Taste the magic as this glaze brings amazing flavor and zip to every meal you make! Polapolte Barbecue Glaze uses all natural ingredients and has no high-fructose corn syrup or processed sugar! During the last minute of grilling brush this magnificent glaze on Steak, Burgers, Ribs, Chicken and Game meats…enjoy!

Cascabel Express: LOOK OUT SPICE LOVERS! Earthy tones of Ancho and smoky Chipotle chilies tease your taste buds with flavor then look out for the Habanero and Cascabel Chile explosion that wakes up your entire mouth! Only the bravest of barbecue bravado will brush this on steak, ribs and chicken … Cascabel Express barbecue Glaze uses all natural ingredients and has no high-fructose corn syrup or processed sugar! Cascabel Express is the perfect sauce to make chicken wings for that awesome party…Get on the Casabel Express!
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