Did You Grow Up in NYC? Do You Miss...the Tap Water?

For people who were born and raised in New York City, there is a refreshing blast from the past available for sale at an East Village Café.

Molecule (the Water Café), located on East 10th Street, is filtering New York City tap water down to its purest form and selling it. You can buy a quick drink of the New York City tap water you remember from your youth, or you can purchase it by the gallon. You can even add vitamin supplements to your water.

Supposedly, the bottled water at Molecule is actually better than regular New York City tap water because of their unique filtering process.But who knows?

We're not sure if this urban H2O will conjure up instant memories of lazy New York City summer days of stickball and open fire hydrants, but it is certainly creating quite a buzz throughout the region.