First-Ever USDA 100% Organic White Truffle & Black Truffle Mayonnaise

Da Rosario, the country’s only line of USDA 100% Organic truffle products, recently announced two new additions: White Truffle and Black Truffle Mayonnaise. Made from USDA 100% organic olive oil mayonnaise (organic EVOO, organic egg yokes and organic lemon juice) and the company’s proprietary USDA 100% Organic white or black truffle EVOO concentrate – loaded with real, organic White or Black truffle pieces you can actually see – Da Rosario USDA 100% Organic White and Black Truffle Mayonnaise is the only product of its kind on the market today.

“Da Rosario USDA 100% Organic White and Black Truffle Mayonnaise is perfect for seafood restaurants, steak and burger houses, French bistros, New American cuisine, upscale sandwich shops, caterers, food production, French fry shops and up scale hot dog/sausage shops,” says Rosario Safina, founder of Da Rosario Organics. “It brings new life to comfort food, and an exciting new discovery for customers.”

Used as a condiment with quality burgers, roast chicken, hand-cut French fries, sandwiches like roast beef, roast pork, or roast turkey – even sushi, hand rolls and negimaki – Da Rosario USDA 100% Organic White and Black Truffle Mayonnaise offer a quick, easy way to step up traditional dishes. Used in the prep, the products can be used to ramp up lobster rolls, seafood salads, deviled eggs, dressings, chilled sauces and dip for crudités and canapés. As a cost-effective measure, the products can be diluted with homemade organic mayonnaise to create dips, or impart a more subtle flavor.

Already, restaurants have seen how Da Rosario USDA 100% Organic Truffle Mayonnaise drives business. Terrance Brennan, Chef-Proprietor of Picholine and Artisanal, serves Da Rosario USDA 100% Organic Black Truffle Mayonnaise as an accompaniment for his grilled cheese stuffed with brie and exotic mushrooms. “It’s the second-best seller at lunch. People ask for extra mayonnaise to dip their fries.”

“Da Rosario USDA 100% Organic Black Truffle Mayonnaise is one of our top 5 sellers after only 6 weeks on the menu, with over 60 orders every day on the weekends,” said Omer Shorshi, Partner at Pommes Frites in New York.

Today, Mayonnaise is the #1 selling condiment in the country. Sales of mayonnaise—in both total sales and units sold – dwarf both salsa and ketchup. According to SymphonyIRI Group, a market research firm in Chicago, more than 396,376,100 units of mayo were sold in the 52 weeks to Sept. 5, 2010, generating more than $1.258 billion in sales, compared with 271,312,400 units of salsa for $764,299,900, or 256,891,700 units of ketchup for $481,278,800. “Flavored mayonnaise is the new salsa,” said Safina.

Packed in 2.5oz retail units and 2 lb. food service tubs, Da Rosario 100% Organic White and Black Truffle Mayonnaise must be kept refrigerated for an 8-month shelf life. For information on Da Rosario, visit or call Rosario Safina at (212) 226-8572.