Wine of the Month Club in Wallington

A group of Bergen County wine-making enthusiasts have decided to take winemaking to a new level. They have organized a club and a meeting schedule where they can experience a different wine every month of the year. Can you imagine having an opportunity to take home a great bottle of wine every month that you participated in making?

In 2009 this group approached Make Wine With Us, a wine making business located in Wallington, New Jersey, with an idea for a club that would make enough wine for each month and have a monthly get together to bottle a barrel of each new wine. This led to the forming of the Make Wine With Us Wine of the Month Club. The club is not only about making wine, but also about learning. Each month, the club holds an event that features winemaking, education and a lot of fun.

Anyone who loves wine can become a partner in the Wine of the Month Club and enjoy an evening out with other wine-lovers. For an annual membership charge of $25.00 ($10.00 club membership/$15.00 ABC license) you can become a member. This charge entitles you to attend as many monthly events as you want during the year of your membership, as long as there is space available. Each event is open to old members and to new members who want to join the club.

Visit the Make Wine With Us website for more details or call, 201-876-9463.

Make Wine With Us is located at 21 Currie Avenue in Wallington, New Jersey.