Shoveling Snow: Winter Chore or Health Hazard? George Becker, M.D., Director, Emergency Department, The Valley Hospital Explains
Bergen County Health News: Shoveling Snow: Winter Chore or Health Hazard?

Winter is here in North Jersey and we all need to be prepared for the possibility of seasonable weather. The arrival of snow means that it is time to dust off our shovels and get to digging.

"We understand that shoveling snow is our winter norm, but did you know that shoveling snow can actually pose a serious cardiac health risk to some of us?" said George Becker, M.D., director, Emergency Department, The Valley Hospital.

In fact, although most people are not in danger from shoveling, the American Heart Association (AHA) still shares useful tips for anyone shoveling snow in the winter. To begin with, the AH