Beauty is Yard Deep: How to Boost Your Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home
Beauty is Yard Deep: Borst Landscape & Design on How to Boost Your Curb Appeal W

Curb appeal – or lack thereof – is the first thing visitors see when they pull up to your house and the last thing they see as they pull away.

“These are the two most crucial moments in a potential home buyer’s experience because the first and last impressions define how we feel about a property,” explains Terry McMahon of Borst Landscape & Design in Allendale, NJ. “If that feeling is negative, all of the high-end appliances, fresh paint and other great interior upgrades are overshadowed.”

We’ve all heard about how important curb appeal is, but actually dealing with it can be extremely overwhelming at a time when you’re prepping a house for market and are already working overtime to fix up interior spaces. Here, Borst Landscape and Design helps by focusing on specific outdoor beautifiers that won’t break the bank but will immediately attract potential buyers – making sure that the time, money, sweat and energy that you put into your beautiful interior improvements get the attention they deserve:

Clutter control:

Open spaces and clean backdrops open potential buyers’ minds, making it much easier for them to envision their favorite garden features at home in your yard. Have the lawn cut, brush cleared, weeds pulled, leaves raked and all children’s toys and items such as lawn ornaments and furniture hidden from view.

Get balanced:

Symmetrical placement of certain elements like light fixtu