Kitchen Design/Build Process Sets Bergen County Company Apart

Planning a kitchen remodeling project can often be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. The fun and inspiration that comes with matching your personal style and vision with the latest kitchen trends, choosing colors that please the entire family, selecting cabinets that are both functional and beautiful, and other creative decisions, can soon be replaced by the stressful realities of having a major construction project taking over the most popular room in your home.

The importance of researching kitchen remodeling companies to ensure your project is being managed from start to finish by an experienced and trustworthy home remodeling professional, cannot be emphasized enough. A reliable kitchen remodeling professional can help you plan your entire project, eliminating guesswork and unnecessary added expense, problems and disappointment.

Creative Design Construction & Remodeling Inc. is a design-build firm offering New Jersey and New York clients a convenient and valuable "one-stop shopping advantage” with their own award winning in-house design team. In addition to providing award-winning kitchen designs, this Bergen County company offers a unique Design/Build Process. Creative Design's approach to a kitchen remodeling project provides the framework for a successful kitchen design while helping to make the overall project a positive experience for the homeowner.

The Creative Design Construction & Remodeling Inc. Design / Build Process

Step One: Design

Conceptual and Budget Feasibility 

The intent of phase one is to explore design and material options enabling the Creative Design team to develop a concept and budget for the proposed project. They will interview you to assess your needs and take detailed measurements of the proposed space to be renovated They will provide one or more design options to be presented in the form of conceptual floor plans. Plans will show general changes in room design including new doors, windows, added space and changed wall configurations. Cabinets and countertops will be laid out including appliances and fixture locations. Specialty built-in items will be included on the concept plans

Step One, Phase Two: Detailed Design Development

The intent of phase two is to move the conceptual design into detailed plans and specifications from which a final agreement can be presented. Final plans will include a detailed floor plan showing all structural and non-structural changes to the proposed space. Detailed layouts for cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures, and specialty built-in items will be included. A mechanical plan will be provided which will include electrical and lighting design. The Creative Design staff will also present your final plans in elevations or perspectives to give you a realistic view of your newly designed space. All local building and zoning requirements will be investigated. Specifications will include details on all products selected and a written agreement clearly defining scope of work to be provided. Tentative schedule dates are secured upon entering phase two design.

Step 2: Preconstruction 

At this stage, the Creative Design staff will finalize selections and confirm and pre-order all materials. This insures no delays during construction. All required building permits are obtained.

Preconstruction hand-off meeting - Meet your project's "Build-Team"- The Project Manager, Lead Carpenter, and Remodeling Consultant. The key players review all details of the project with you - They discuss life during construction and any additional special considerations they'll need to be aware of while working on your home.

Review your copy of the project schedule with the production team - This enables you to follow all day to day activities for the full duration of your project.

Step 3: The "Build" 

The Creative Design staff will respect your home and keep it clean and safe to leave you with a wonderful finished project. They will do their best to minimize disruption and inconvenience. No additional work is performed without signed approval. They remain committed to the project until it is complete. No final payment is made until all final inspections are received and your project is 100% complete.

The Creative Design experience does not end after your kitchen project has been completed. In fact, your project is covered under a 5-year warranty. You only have one call to make no matter what the issue and the Creative Design team will respond quickly and professionally.

Creative Design Construction, Inc. is located at 204 Livingston Street in Northvale, New Jersey.

For more information, contact Creative Design Construction at, call 201-768-5813 or visit

Creative Design Construction also specializes in whole house renovations, room addditions, family & great rooms, finished basements, bathrooms, interior details, outdoor living and more.

Creative Design Construction is affiliated with the American Society of Interior Designers, Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern New Jersey, Home Energy Rating System, Building Performance Institute New Jersey,  Better Business Bureau and other industry associations.

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