Learn How to Grow Restrepia at Orchid Club Meeting in Englewood
Englewood, NJ, garden clubs, orchids

The Ramapo Orchid Society will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at the Nature Center on Van Nostrand Avenue in Englewood at 7:00 pm.

Guest speaker Carrie Buchman will discuss 'Restrepia,The Easy Pleurothallid'. Carrie has been growing restrepia for about 4 years. She will discuss the various ways she’s growing these miniatures and what is working well for her in northern New Jersey.

The orchid club welcomes all interested orchid growers. Meetings begin with refreshments and a “show table” with plants brought to the meeting for discussion. Orchids are often for sale at reasonable prices.

For further information, call Birgitha at 201-768-1272 or visit ramapoorchid.org