Let There Be Light
Outdoor Landscaping Lighting NJ

More homeowners have been expanding their living spaces to the great outdoors with pools, outdoor kitchens and recreation areas. And with this movement outside comes the need for some serious outdoor lighting.

Gone are the days when a couple of downlights attached to the house to brighten the barbecue area did the trick. New products and increased knowledge and creativity have completely changed the lighting landscape. 

“Sometimes lighting is needed for safety reasons, such as illuminating a walkway. But most people are interested in highlighting a unique area of landscaping or architectural feature of their home," said Kevin Malone, manager of irrigation and lighting for Jacobsen Landscaping of Saddle River and Midland Park, New Jersey. "If properly placed, they can dramatize trees, favorite shrubs and other accents like an archway or a fountain.”

Mitch Knapp, president of Scen