NJ Division of Consumer Affairs Continues Crackdown on Unregistered Home Improvement Contractors
NJ Division of Consumer Affairs Continues Crackdown On Unregistered Home Improve

The State Division of Consumer Affairs recently intensified efforts against unregistered home improvement contractors with an undercover operation at a vacant Gloucester County home.

In partnership with the Gloucester County Office of Consumer Affairs, the Division filed charges against 18 home improvement contractors who solicited home improvement work without complying with state registration laws. The contractors are being assessed civil penalties as high as $5,000 each.

Since 2006, the New Jersey Contractors Registration Act and Home Improvement Contractor Regulations require home improvement contractors to register with the State and obtain a registration number that begins "13VH." To register, a home improvement contractor must provide proof of liability insurance, disclose a legitimate business address, and provide other information about the business. Contractors must display the registration number on all contracts, advertisements, and commercial vehicles as a reference for consumers.

"Unregistered and phony contractors rip off hundreds of New Jersey consumers each year, co