The Perfect Gift: a Home Entertainment Center that Rocks
The Perfect Gift: a Home Entertainment Center that Rocks

Looking for a gift that won’t soon be forgotten?  Consider converting the TV room into a true home entertainment center.  These days, there are literally options for every budget from a $300 home theater “in a box” to a $30,000 professional installation.

While most reputable electronics stores will send a design specialist to your home to help determine what type of system best meets your needs, it’s not a bad idea to do a little homework in advance to make an informed purchasing decision.

The size and layout of the room is the first consideration.  This includes where people will be sitting to watch the screen, height of the ceilings, if the room opens to other parts of the house or can be closed off, sound proofing, lighting and much more. 

“We prefer plasma screens for color, motion and black space, but if there is a lot of uncontrolled light, such as from large windows, it may be better to go with a LCD screen with a matte finish,” explains Ken Quartarone of Talk of the Town in Allendale.  “And while floor-standing tower speakers provide the best quality sound, there often isn’t enough room or there are young children in the house who could knock them over, so we find other ways to install speakers.”

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