Staging a Home to Sell: 
The Financial Benefits

Good news: Staging a home to sell means more money in your pocket whether the market is hot or not.

In a competitive market, homes are easier to sell and staging always helps. In a soft market, staging a home to sell is critical. When the market is sluggish, staging helps homeowners gain more attention and shorten the time to sell. In a moderate market, staging can also lift sales prices from 2% to 10%.

The biggest advantage occurs with luxury homes or in a market with bidding wars over properties, where effective staging can boost prices by 20% to 50%.

Is staging worth the time and investment?  Think of it this way; do you want to leave the sale of your house to chance, or would you rather play an active role in getting it sold quickly and for the best price?

“A good professional stager will give you the cold, hard truth about your property and what you truly need to do” says Karen Parziale, owner of The Real Estate Staging Studio in Hoboken.

For the exterior of your house, it is vital to have great curb appeal; the first impression a potential buyer gets goes a long way in making the sale. Inside, the house should be arranged properly and all the positives should be highlighted.

To sum it up, It is well worth the staging cost if you are going to get a significantly better price for your home.

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