Changing the complexion of a room doesn’t necessarily mean having to gut it and start from scratch. If you’re not happy with a kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house, adding some tile provides a much cheaper alternative and can completely alter the feel of the space in less time with much less work.

Why spend upwards of $100,000 to remake a kitchen when simply adding a backsplash or laying some tile on the floor will shift the room’s focal point and appeal.

“The average backsplash can cost around $1,000, $1,500,” said Kelly Van Grouw, a design consultant at Wayne Tile in Ramsey. “A backsplash can change things, whereas a new kitchen can cost anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000. If you simply change the tiles, you can even make the cabinets look different. So spending $1,000 versus $20,000 will save you quite a bit."

Another option is to give the floor a new look. “You can redo a floor and a backsplash as well," Van Grouw added. "You can really change the contrast between the cabinets and the floor. We have a lot of customers that come in and do that. Installation is usually not too crazy, either.”

Van Grouw, whose family has been in the tile business for several generations, said that installation costs will vary from job to job but generally start around $500 and go up from there.

Don’t stop in the kitchen, either. A bathroom makeover can be just as quick and simple. Change a few tiles or add some fresh ones and the whole room scheme will change.

“There are so many different styles,” Van Grouw said. “We have customers who come in with shiny ceramic [kitchen] tile and they want a more Tuscan or rustic feel. You can use something tumbled on an entire section to provide a warm or casual feel."

Here’s a closer look at several options for purchasing and designing with tile in Bergen County.

Aisoni & Company, Closter: Provides personal service at affordable rates, specializing in blue stone, lime stone, marble and granite.; 201-784-3537

All Granite and Marble, Ridgefield Park: New stone gallery, plus online estimates and 3D showrooms.; 201-440-6779

Artistic Tile, Paramus: A worldwide leader in upscale tile and design that has been featured on CNN, NBC and in Better Homes & Gardens.; 201-864-7000

Bergen Tile Company, Cresskill: Serving Bergen County for two decades, specializing in custom tile, marble and stone.; 201-871-1122

Elegant Tile & Design Center, Inc., Oakland: