Time to Remodel?

Many of us put off remodeling projects until just before the holiday season. Then there's the mad rush to get things done before the seasonal decorating and entertaining take over!

What if you can't do it all? Where do you start? How do you start?

Some good areas to focus on when remodeling are:

Kitchens: Updated Kitchens can dramatically increase the value of your home. Not only is it a wise investment for many but for most, what you put into your kitchen remodel, you get in return. Options are endless with more products than ever in the market place with new appliances and countertop options on the rise as well. New cabinets will be one of the bigger deciding factors for the overall look of your kitchen. Do not be overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices because there are professionals that can make this whole process run seamlessly. If you already have newer cabinets and want to spruce up your kitchen, then adding new flooring and a backsplash is a good way to improve the overall look of your kitchen. The right lighting can also add a dramatic look to your kitchen.

Baths: Updated Baths are also a great way to increase your home’s value. A Master Bath remodel is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Remodeling an existing bath is a simple way to give an updated look to your home. For most bath remodels, it is wise to replace everything because it is outdated and can turn potential buyers away upon resale of your home. For others that may have tiles that are newer, you do not need to replace the tiles. Grout cleaning or grout replacement is another alternative to give your existing tiles a new and fresh look. You can update a look by simply adding new moldings, mirrors, lighting, new sink/counters, fixtures, and toilets. Accents such as area rugs, decorative paint finishes, and lighting some candles can create a beautiful oasis.

Living & Family Areas: Living/Family areas are some of the best areas where you can add some personality to your home. The Kitchen, Living & Family areas are some of the most used spaces in the house. Spice up the room with a new Fireplace mantel, wainscoting, and/or some crown moldings and start to hear the complements roll in. Built-Ins are also a fantastic way to add value because they have a wide possibility for use and storage. Besides your home being the envy of your town, you are increasing the value by just adding some simple touches. Brighten up the space with fresh paint and do not be afraid to pick a bold color. Buy a new lamp and some throw pillows (accent colors are important) and enjoy!!

Basements: Utilizing unused space such as a basement can increase the square footage of your home. Anywhere you can gain livable space you should take advantage of it. Basements have great potential being utilized as a home gym to a home office. Many remodel their basements to use for their children’s playroom. A great use for space in your basement could also be a Wine Cellar. Basements are a great way to add some extra space in which otherwise is used to store unused items. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Exterior: Curb Appeal is very important in the overall aesthetics of your home. It is the first thing people see when they pull up to your home. First, you should always keep a manicured lawn and keep your grass well hydrated during those warm summer months. Planting some flowers and shrubs are some quick ways to help aid in the process of adding curb appeal. Painting the exterior of your home or simply just cleaning up the exterior with a power washing can dramatically help. Adding shutters to the front of your home and/or garage, installing a decorative fence, and adding trim to your home (around your door, Etc.) are all great ways to increase the curb appeal as well.

An important thing to consider when remodeling would be what type of return you will get on your investment. Below are some average ROI figures that has been gathered by Travis Robert Renovations.

Average Return on Investment (ROI %) 

Bath Remodel
(Minor)  102%
(Major)  93.2% 

Kitchen Remodel
(Minor)  98.5%
(Major)  91%

Basement Remodel  90.1%

Landscaping  100%
Decks, Patios, Porch  90.3%

We hope this was helpful in the planning of your next home improvement project. This information was presented by Travis Robert Renovations. They can be contacted at www.TravisRobertRenovations.com