Tips on Creating Curb Appeal

Creating curb appeal is critical when you are trying to increase the value to your home or make an impression on the neighbors. Travis Robert Renovations has a few tips on where to invest your time/money into your yard.

Here are some great tips on how to create curb appeal:

1. Landscape: Your landscape of your home is what people in the neighborhood see first. Keeping a manicured lawn and the hedges trimmed is an easy way to tidy up the front of your home. Add some planters on the porch or next to the entry way with vibrant colored flowers and you can be sure to attract some attention. Define your planting areas with a natural stone border and some fresh mulch to create a neat look.

2. Lighting: The right lighting can add a dramatic look to your home. Entry lights next to your or a hanging light in your outdoor foyer is great way to brighten up your exterior. Strategically placed lights in the garden is a nice way to highlight your key plantings. Up lighting can highlight gorgeous trees or shrubs in the yard.

3. Driveway and Walkways: These are great ways to add personality to your home with many different options. Pavers or cobblestone is a great option which not only looks beautiful installed but worth every dollar spent because this adds an excellent viewpoint from the street. If asphalt is your choice of driveway, then add a simple apron boarder at the beginning to add a decorative touch. A bluestone or brick walkway to replace your cement walkway is also a good idea to add curb appeal.

4. Paint: clean up the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Now is a good time to clean up those windows, replace any broken trim and glass. If you have brick or vinyl siding, you’ll be amazed what a quick power washing will do. Paint the trim a contrasting color to highlight the architecture of the home.

Some other various projects include shutters and planters underneath windows. Large stones placed within your planting area which adds a natural element and seems as if the stones were there from years past. Replace your mailbox and add new hardware to your entry door.

Adding curb appeal to your home is important to increase the value to your home. Curb appeal will also give you the satisfaction of taking ownership of your home. Your home will be the highlight of town!

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