What’s Stopping You? The Top 5 Organizing Excuses from California Closets of North Jersey

We all know the benefits of staying organized: less stress, more productivity, more control. But it’s all too easy to come up with ways to put off de-cluttering, tidying and reorganizing.

The problem is the more excuses you make, the more the clutter builds and the more things feel out of control. Which of these top five excuses do you use to put off organizing? Let’s put a stop to them right now.

1. “I’m not like this at the office. It’s just at home”

Why do you stay organized at work? Does it help you to be productive? Does it give you more time to take care of priorities? More importantly, why wouldn’t you want these benefits in your home? Realistically, keeping a home is a second job on all of our plates. But it’s just as important, if not more important, than your job. You live there, maintain relationships with family there, and de-stress there. You deserve a home that’s a haven for you. Staying organized minimizes stress and frustration levels, and makes your home even more pleasant to come home to after a long day of work.

2. “If I organized my things, it wouldn’t stay organized for very long because I’m just lazy.”

Don’t allow yourself to believe this for one second. Truly lazy people probably wouldn’t take the time to read an article about how to get organized, right? Half the battle is realizing that you need a solution. Identify your most time-wasting or frustrating patterns. Maybe you’re not getting daily duties done (like cleaning dishes or sorting mail) or you’re spending a lot of time looking for belongings each week. Pay attention to these red flags and figure out storage solutions to address them. It’s likely that the way you have things set up physically is contributing to messiness. Your belongings all need a place to live, so that it’s easy to put items away and prevent clutter. You also need motivation. It’s not always easy to keep up with organization at first. Get your family involved as a team – create systems together that are easy to follow.

3. “It’s not just about cleaning. I’d have to rearrange my entire room!”

Good! When you reorganize, you set the stage for less clutter in the future. Instead of just shifting the mess around as you clean, you’re consciously setting up organization systems so you know exactly where everything goes. Having new places for your items will allow you to see more of what you have. You may discover belongings that you no longer have a use for, which is a great way to rid yourself of clutter that is doing nothing but taking up space. Have fun with reorganizing! Crank up the tunes with our spring cleaning playlist to keep you motivated while you work. Approach reorganization like a creative design project, knowing that it will be making a lasting and positive change in your life.

4. “My clutter is just small stuff that I don’t have a place for, it’s not that big a deal.”

How much “small stuff” do you have? The accumulation of a lot of small things can lead to one big problem: clutter! Try separating these items into categories, depending on where you use them and how often you use them. Separate the items for kitchen, office, and bedroom, then have a “junk drawer” in each of these rooms to store miscellaneous items if there is no other way to find them a better place. Sort through the junk periodically so you can get rid of things you’ve realized you don’t need.

5. “If I put things away, I won’t see them, and then I won’t use them.”

If you have items that you won’t remember to use if you don’t see them, you need to ask yourself this question: Why do you still have them? Getting rid of things that are unnecessarily taking up space is a great way to start - and you will feel so refreshed! Less “stuff” means more space to keep things that are truly essential for you and your family. For example, rid that drawer of all unnecessary receipts and business cards that you don’t need to make room for office supplies that you readily use, like staplers, paper clips, and pens. Purge your closet of the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year (we all have them!) and turn them into hand-me-downs or donations.

No more excuses! Now is the time to overcome these excuses once and for all and enjoy the benefits of an organized home!

Visit the California Closets of North Jersey website for ideas, options and next steps for making your home organized.

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