Why Not Extend the Pool Season?

With summer’s end only weeks away, families planning a new pool may be unsure about the right time to take the plunge.

Consider these points: There’s nothing wrong with a relaxing poolside gathering with family while your Thanksgiving turkey slowly browns in the oven. In fact, you don’t have to be a member of the Polar Bear Club to enjoy a backyard pool in March. That’s because today’s backyard pools have evolved from a one-season oasis to a lifestyle amenity that can be enjoyed from early spring through late fall, even in the chilly Bergen County area. For those considering installing a new pool now, the return on investment of an extended season makes pool ownership a purchase with an equally extended payback.

According to the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA), an organization representing the pool and spa industry, today’s pools offer more than just a place to swim. The beauty and serenity of a beautifully designed pool, complete with the sounds of moving water, can be relaxing and soul-nourishing.

Benefits beyond Summer

Those considering the installation of a new pool have the greatest number of options for creating an amenity that can be enjoyed beyond the summer months. Pool fountains, waterfalls and unique lighting can create a focal point for backyard entertaining in any season. An attached hot tub can be heated for cool-weather enjoyment. And, many of today’s mini-pool designs make it easy to heat the entire pool for off-season swimming.

New Options for Easy Maintenance

The key to long-term pool enjoyment is easy maintenance. Easy maintenance and an extended season are made possible by today’s many new options in pool products and technologies. New pools can be outfitted with built-in automatic cleaning systems that operate at the push of a button.

Keeping the Heat

For those who want to continue swimming in cooler weather, keeping the heat is important. For heating a pool during the cooler months, there are many different kinds of high energy efficiency heater options.

Clean Water, Safe Water

Electric pool covers allow owners to open and close the pool with the turn of a key. So, when the pool is not in use, debris can be kept out, and the water can retain its warmth.

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