How to Promote Your North Jersey Event or Fundraiser to Attract Crowds
How to Promote Your North Jersey Event or Fundraiser

When planning a community event or fundraiser in northern New Jersey, it's important to develop a targeted strategy that outlines how you intend to spread awareness of your event, who you wish to target, how you'll attract attendees, and even a strategy to connect with potential donors and sponsors.

How Can Your Event Stand Out from the Rest?

Every month, there are hundreds of community events and other entertainment options happening throughout North Jersey. Bergen County families have many options for entertainment, recreation, fundraisers and more. In fact, posted more than 10,000 North Jersey events listings over the past year!

  • How can you make your North Jersey event stand out as a Don't Miss opportunity?
  • How can you 'pre-sell' local residents on your event early before they make other plans?
  • How can you reassure your event sponsors and supporters that you've developed the best strategy for high-profile publicity for your event?
  • How can you accomplish all of this pre-event promotion while also managing many other event details?

To successfully promote your event in the busy North Jersey area, you must be strategic, focused, and efficient!

The Don't Miss Events Promotion Package offers a comprehensive Don't Miss Events Promotion Package that is designed to attract your target audience to your event. Our Events Promotion Package is customized to match your goals and budget. We'll promote your event using a powerful mix of digital marketing solutions:

  • Bergen County Don't Miss Event feature article about your event promoted on 
  • Targeted Social Media marketing including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+
  • event e-blasts
  • Press release about your event
  • Post-event photos
  • More!

The Don't Miss Events Promotion Package  is remarkably affordable. We also offer special pricing for nonprofit events and organizations.

How to Get Started Promoting Your North Jersey Event. It's Easy!

  • Take a minute to click here and fill out a short form about your event.
  • You can also call or text us at 201-669-7970.
  • We'll get back to you within 24 hours to explain our affordable events promotion options.