Finding Great Restaurants in Hoboken, Jersey City, Kearny and Other Hudson County Towns
Finding Great Ethnic Restaurants in Hoboken, Jersey City and Other Hudson County

Where are the best restaurants in northern New Jersey? If you ask 100 New Jersey residents that question, you'll probably get 100 different answers. We know of one county, located just minutes from Bergen County, where you can find an amazing selection of great ethnic restaurants.

Hudson County boasts many of New Jersey's most interesting and vibrant communities, including Jersey City, Bayonne, Kearny, North Bergen, West New York and Hoboken. As one of the nation's most densely populated and ethnically diverse communities, Hudson County offers a rich cultural experience and energy that you just can't find anywhere else in New Jersey.

For those living, working or visiting Hudson County, there is an incredible selection of international cuisines and restaurants to choose from in every town. Many of these Hudson County restaurants are little more than tiny "holes-in-the-wall" that have been transformed into "best-kept-secrets" for locals who know where to find the most delicious food at great prices. Many other restaurants are popular, family-style establishments that diners from throughout northern New Jersey have been visiting on special occasions for generations. If you love Indian, Pan-Asian or Turkish food, or if you're simply seeking a new dining adventure in northern New Jersey, you should consider Hudson County. Where else can you find Filipino, Italian, West Indian and Cuban restaurants all within a few blocks of each other, (as you can in Jersey City)?

If there's any down-side to all of these great restaurants being situated within a few square miles of each other, it is that there are almost too many to choose from! They're not always so easy to find...particularly if you're visiting Hoboken, Bayonne or Jersey City for the first time! is a good place to figure out your many Hudson County dining options.This website is a part of the Point Media network of county websites that includes,, and is the go-to resource for people looking for events, entertainment and restaurants in Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City and all other Hudson County, NJ cities. You'll find many, many Hudson County restaurant menus and information on So if you're considering visiting Bergenline Avenue in northern Hudson County for the area's best Peruvian or Cuban restaurants, Kearny in West Hudson for a Scottish dining experience, Hoboken for a gourmet meal, or Bayonne for some of the best Italian food in the state, the Restaurant Menu section of will save you a lot of time. You'll find lots of other events, festivals and other things to do in Hudson County on too.