NJ Home Design News: 2016 Trends Bring Popular Style to Spaces with Simple, Clean Design
The JELD-WEN® Studio Collection features an ultra-contemporary style with geomet

From increased natural light to more open space and minimal clutter, contemporary style offers a variety of benefits for today’s homeowners. Rooms with contemporary style often feel more spacious, set a more relaxing tone and can be inviting to guests.

Regardless of budget or interior design expertise, there are myriad ways to incorporate the hallmarks of contemporary style into any room. By integrating clean lines, open space and sleek profiles, homes can enjoy the benefits of this now mainstream design philosophy.

“Contemporary style has a clear appeal for homeowners who want rooms to have an open, simple feel,” said Jim Parello, Vice President of Marketing for JELD-WEN. “Unlike some more rigorous design philosophies, contemporary style also offers a level of flexibility that lets homeowners create rooms that truly fits their personalities.”

Here are just some of the ways that homeowners can take advantage of the latest contemporary design trends:

1. Clean Lines Smooth, clean lines are a central element of contemporary style, often used with bold geometric shapes to frame a room and define open space. Remove unnecessary wall hangings to free-up space and swap traditional, ornate furniture for more angular pieces. Recently launched, the JELD-WEN MODATM Door Collection of contemporary wood doors features sleek lines that accentuate clean, square and rectangular decor. With roots from historic Shaker architecture, this interior door line has a sim