There is a youth sports organization in northern New Jersey that is making a positive difference in the lives of children by introducing them to a sport that is fun and rewarding. Youth sports teaches kids to be disciplined, how to deal with adversity, gain strength, courage, and confidence and to be a team player. At Blackheath Field Hockey in Fairfield, New Jersey, children are provided with high-quality field hockey training opportunities that will teach these important qualities, while fostering a lifelong love of the game.

North Jersey's Go-To Field Hockey School and Camp

New Jersey is at the very center of field hockey in the United States, and Blackheath Field Hockey Club is the go-to school and camp for children's field hockey in North Jersey. They offer year-round indoor and outdoor programs for boys and girls of all skill levels. Your child will learn all aspects of field hockey and practice field hockey drills which will allow her/him to take their game to the next level.

Blackheath presents the opportunity to learn the sport of field hockey from some of the region's most experienced and successful athletes, coaches and trainers while also having a lot of fun. The Blackheath staff develop youth players into competitive, well-rounded athletes while promoting respect, sportsmanship and a love for the sport.

Age-Appropriate Programs for Children

Programs are available for athletes ranging from 6-14 years old and are a great way for girls and boys to learn and improve on their basic fundamental skills of the game including dribbling, passing and receiving, ball control, shooting, defensive tackling, positioning, teamwork, agility, footwork and more.

Private Training for Athletes With Eye Towards Scholarships

Parents of outstanding high school athletes know that the competition for athletic scholarships is more competitive than ever. Private training and skilled classes offered by Blackheath Field Hockey are a tremendous way for promising field hockey athletes to sharpen their skills as they work towards the possibility of college athletic scholarships and success. 

2016-2017 Indoor Training Program

The Blackheath Field Hockey Indoor Training Program for 2016 - 2017 started in September and continues through April 2017. For more information, call 862-485-4933.

For more information about Blackheath Field Hockey in Fairfield, New Jersey, call 862-485-4933 or click here.

Watch this video provided by Blackheath Field Hockey to experience a typical day at the club! 

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