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Have You Visited Stoutridge?

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Marlboro, New York is a breathtakingly beautiful community with a rich agricultural heritage and farming landscape. This charming hamlet is an easy drive from northern New Jersey and is a popular day-trip and weekend getaway for many Bergen County residents.

Most of Marlboro's many tourist attractions fall within a 3 mile radius. Standing out from the many pick-your-own farms, B&Bs, scenic hiking trails, dining and jazz clubs in the Marlboro area is Stoutridge Vineyard, a premium estate winery located just a half mile from the Hudson River.

Stoutridge Wines

This is a gravity winery, meaning they never use pumps or filters in their winemaking nor do they add chemical processing to their wines or "fine" their wines with gelatins, tannins or clays. They do not add water or sugar, nor do they chemically adjust the acidity of their wines. In short, wines at Stoutridge Vineyards are very nearly unprocessed and in a very natural state.

Stoutridge Vineyards

Stoutridge features three distinct and very scenic estate vineyard sites, each consisting of different sections. This 'sectioning' may be caused by differences in soils, microclimates, sun exposures or by clonal variations within a grape variety which is planted at the site. 

Wine Tastings

The popular wine tastings at Stoutridge Vineyard feature a detailed and fascinating description of winemaking, including an explanation of the Stoutridge natural wines philosophy. View details about Stoutridge Vineyard wine tastings here.

Holding Events at Stoutridge Vineyard

Stoutridge Vineyards has facilities for events including an indoor event room for up to 100 persons with spacious rooftop patios adjoining. There is also an underground barrel room available for dinner events for up to 30 persons.

An Authentic Taste of the Hudson Valley

Stoutridge Vineyard presents a perfect opportunity to experience an authentic taste of the Hudson Valley at their winery, distillery and grounds. They also offer picnic areas around scenic ponds as well as at the winery itself and they encourage long relaxing visits.

Stoutridge Vineyard is located at 10 Ann Kaley Lane, Marlboro, New York.

They are open year-round, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 am-6:00 pm.

For more information, call 845 236 7620 or visit www.stoutridge.com.

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